Caliper Components

This page will show the different component parts of your caliper available to be ordered.  When calling our sales team to find out what soft seal service set you need please have ready the caliper code.

The caliper code location is shown with a       on the images below.

Mega Monster

Caliper body Pistons Boot clips Abutment plates O-Ring seals Dust boots Piston seals Bleed nipples M8 bolts Spacers Bridge plate

Billet 4

Caliper body Pistons Boot clips Pad retaining pins Spacers Brake pad Dust boots Piston seals M8 Bolts Bleed nipple Bleed nipple cap R-clips O-Ring seals Anti-rattle clips

Monster 4+6

Bridge bolts Caliper  body Piston seals Dust boots O-Ring seals Pistons Bridge Bolt Tubes Anti-rattle clips Bleed nipples Bleed nipple caps M8 Bolts Abutment plate

Road Calipers

Scroll down for race calipers

Pistons Pad retaining pins Spacers Piston seals Caliper body Bleed nipple caps O-Ring seals M8 bolts R-Clips *Caliper code only available on some    model ultralite calipers.

Ultralite 2+4

RS114 + RX114

Bridge bolt M8 Bolts Caliper body Loop pipe Pistons Piston seals Bridge bolt tube Spacers Abutment plate Bleed nipples Bleed nipple caps

Race Calipers


Loop pipe Bleed nipple caps Pistons Spacers Bridge bolt tube Abutment plates Piston seals Caliper body Bleed  nipple M8 bolts Bridge bolt Anti-rattle clips Bridge bolt tubes Brake pads Bleed nipple caps Bleed nipples Bridge bolts Caliper body Loop pipe Piston seals Pistons Spacers M10 Bolts


For RS132, RX132 and RS152 calipers, see Monster and Mega Monster calipers.

Race calipers do not use dust boots, boot clips or O-Ring seals. These are replaced with an external loop pipe and race pistons.

Click here to view  132 series components Click here to view  152 series components Click on an image to go to the component purchase page