Conversion Contains:

2 x RS114-4 280 Radial calipers

2 x Conversion Brackets

2 x Caterham radial caliper mount plates

2 x Electro spot Handbrake calipers

2 x Spot bracets

2 x Grooved discs

1 x Control ECU and wiring harness

Reccomended Wheel Size: 13”

Conversion Weight: 15.7kg*

Pad area (per pad): 4215mm sq.

Rotor air gap:          N/A

*Weight to be used as guideline only

RS114 with Electro spot 260 x 10mm Conversion

Before ordering please check your wheel clearances.  HiSpec calipers are wider than the standard sliding caliper, therefore we cannot guarantee fitment for every wheel on the market.  

Wheel clearance diagrams will be added soon, in the mean time please call or email us for a diagram.

Base Kit price £1186.90