Race kit for 15” and 16” wheel Conversion

Conversion Contains:

2 x Road 4 - 6 pots Radial calipers  Hard Anodised black or Powder coat

2 x Conversion mounting  brackets

2 x Curver 48 vane Rotor Grind, 285mm, 300mm

2 x Hard Anodised black or silver Mounting Bells

Road Ultralite 4     Conversion Price excl vat from £364.50

Road Billet 4         Conversion Price excl vat from £456.50

Road Monster 4     Conversion Price excl vat from £572.25

Road Monster 6     Conversion Price excl vat from £676.10

Wheel Size: 15” to 16”


Before ordering please check your wheel clearances.  HiSpec calipers are wider than the standard sliding caliper, therefore we cannot guarantee fitment for every wheel on the market.  

For a Wheel clearance diagrams  please call or email us for a clearance diagram.

All price are + VAT

Our kits are made to order, Please allow up to 28 days from your purchase date to shipping of your HiSpec conversion.

2  Caliper aluminium billet hard anodised black or powder coat

2  Curver 48 vane Rotor

2  Mounting aluminium Brackets

2  Rotor mounting Bell aluminium hard anodised black

    All mounting nuts and bolts pack

Are Hispec Caliper the best yes

Hispec entire range of calipers are made from highest quality billet aluminium

Hispec caliper are made to extreme specifications and tolerances

Hispec road caliper are designed, tested and proven to be used on race cars

Hispec road caliper’s are available in hard anodised black for function or powdercoat red, yellow, blue, black, silver

Hispec road calipers except our Ultralight range come equipped with dust boots to keep dust, dirt and grime away from the piston seals

15” - 16” Wheel Brake Conversion kits  

280mm, 285mm, 290mm, 300mm, 315mm Rotors diameter.

Caliper  Ultralite 4 Radial, Billet 4 Radial, Monster 4 Radial

1 Piece kit come with 2 calipers, 2 discs, 2 mounting brackets, all nuts + bolts

2 Piece kit come with 2 calipers, 2 rotors, 2 mounting bells, 2 mounting brackets, all nuts + bolts