The new electronic parking brake By HiSpec motorsport is here.

The electronic handbrake can be fitted to almost any vehicle, on up to a 330mm rotor. The electronics require a switchable live and grounding supply to work, meaning fitment can be carried out at home. The caliper can withold over 2500psi of power, meaning it can happily work on cars up to 2000kg.

iSpec Have been developing the conventional handbrake caliper for over a decade, with the main goal to be a fully incorporated

hydraulic foot brake and cable driven handbrake in one caliper. Our original targets were something that looked revolutionary, tidy and different. Whilst sacrificing none of the billet caliper capabilities. The original HiSpec handbrake caliper was an SVA approved cable driven handbrake placed neatly into the rear of a standard HiSpec caliper. A perfect solution, but one that could be improved on.

The answer came in the form of an electronic motor, powering a series of mechanical gears encased within the hydraulics of a caliper. This means three key targets of an ideal caliper have been met. The first is full universal use. The electronic caliper has the standard bleed valves and hydraulic seals of a traditional caliper, meaning it is a complete replacement for almost any vehicle rear brake. The caliper can be connected to the vehicles original foot brake system for an everyday stopping improvement.

The second feature is full motor integration. The electronic motor is mounted to the rear of the caliper, completely away from eye sight. This motor, unlike most conventional handbrakes, actually applies pressure to the same pistons as the foot brake, meaning there are no internal brake shoes or spot brake pads. The rear of your car simply requires one set of pads to change. This is a complete revolution in rear brake technology.

The third feature is workability. The Electronic handbrake was developed from billet Aluminium and stainless steel components, making this caliper stronger, more powerful and longer lasting than almost all standard application rear calipers. Following the 25 years of HiSpec development into hydraulic braking systems, and the excellent electronic capabilities dreamt up by ECU builders Simtek, the HiSpec Electronic Handbrake caliper is fully road legal and can boast the reliability of two of the best known companies in their respective fields.

Prices start from just £770.00 for both calipers, the ECU and wiring loom for the single piston sliding caliper.

A spot caliper is also available from just £660.00 utilising the same electronic systems as the sliding caliper.

Please call on 01322 286 850 for more information.

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